Our Process

Our goal at Atlantic Control Technologies is to make the home automation process as simple as possible for the end user. In order to achieve this goal, we have perfected our detailed process. We ensure that all the needs and wants, of our clients, are met and are the most efficient possible.

Understanding the Wants and Needs of Our Clients

The first step to a successful home automation project is to understand the needs and wants of our clients. We understand every client is different and therefore each of our systems are custom built based on a client's particular specifications. Whether you are adding home automation into an existing home, or your home is in the process of being built. The first thing we do is nail down the details and expectations you have about your system. Which rooms will need lighting control? Do you want a sound system that is wired throughout the home or geared to specific rooms? Which of your Televisions should access your movie library? These are just a few of the questions you can expect during this phase of the process.

Design time!

After all the details are figured out, the fun part starts: The design! This process takes some time because your system functionality must be mapped out on a blue print. The blue print is essential during both the planning and installation because of the complexity of home automation systems. You wouldn't want to hire a home builder who didn't use a blue print would you? Probably not, and the same goes to your home automation company. Home automation systems require thousands of wires. These wires can be easily confused without some kind of guide clarifying location and destination. Having a blue print that details where each wire is and where it goes, allows for a much cleaner and organized system. Furthermore, if anything was to malfunction, it is much easier to fix something if you know where it is located.


After the system has been designed and approved by the home owner, our experts test the functionality and prepare the system for install. Once we arrive onsite, our team will use those handy blue prints to get to work. We'll install your system racks, speakers, televisions and connect the wires throughout your home.


At Atlantic Control Technologies, the quality of your system and the service you receive is our top priority. After the system is installed, our experienced staff will program the equipment, preform a quality control check and provide you with a detailed training session on how to use your brand new system.


All of the systems at Atlantic Control Technologies are designed to be extremely intuitive and easy to use. This includes even the most technology challenged people! However, that doesn't mean we aren't here if you need more help! If the training we provided wasn't enough, or you just having difficulties with your system, feel free to give us a call! Whether it is two weeks or two years, we are always only a phone call or email away from having your issue resolved.


Our attitude and approach are different. We pride ourselves in creating systems that make your home a true extension of your personality, moods, and routines. This means we take time at the outset to understand your needs and goals, develop a custom system that is no less and no more than you require, and we are here to support your needs into the future.



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