Audio and Video Distribution: How it Works

Audio Video

Gone are the days of ugly wires and cable boxes ruining the view of your entertainment space. With a home audio and video distribution system, you can now enjoy wire free areas throughout your whole home.

Atlantic Control Technologies centralizes all of those ugly cable boxes, dvd players, and radios and into an out-of-sight utility closet that can then be accessed directly from a variety of devices including: Remote, Touch Screen Panel, Tablet, or Android/Apple Phone.

Experience Audio Distribution

With whole home audio distribution there is so much you can look forward to.

Here are just a few things:

  • Enjoy crystal clear music in every room
  • Walk outside or from room to room and never miss a beat of your favorite song
  • With a touch of a button: adjust volume, select music, and turn on and off rooms or groups of rooms
  • Access any audio source from every room
    • AM/FM
    • XM/Sirius satellite radio
    • CD changer
    • iPod music server
    • and more

Atlantic Control Technologies will help you select discreet speakers designed to be heard and not seen. Beautiful, rich sound will saturate your environment—from speakers that look like a planter on the patio, to those that sit camouflaged on a bookshelf. We can even place them behind drywall so they are completely invisible.

Experience Video Distribution

Whole home video distribution is something the whole family will be able to appreciate. Here are just a few of the things you and your family can look forward to.

Hidden TV – Hide your TV while it isn’t in use and have it appear out of nowhere with a click of a button.

Access Any Type of Media – Switch to cable, satellite, Apple TV, your video collection, or video games from any room.

Instant Integration – Flip on the kitchen screen so you don't miss a scene while making a snack.

Browse the internet – Monitor stocks or check the weather as you prepare for the day.

Record Anything, From Anywhere – Everyone in the family can watch or record their favorite shows all at the same time, and yet everyone's content is accessible from any room.

There are so many possibilities; we help you envision and create your ideal environment, from video distributed throughout the house, to a comprehensive media room with one large screen for the movie buff, or multiple screens for the sports fanatic.


Our attitude and approach are different. We pride ourselves in creating systems that make your home a true extension of your personality, moods, and routines. This means we take time at the outset to understand your needs and goals, develop a custom system that is no less and no more than you require, and we are here to support your needs into the future.



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