Home Automation

Home Automation: What Is It?

Home Automation

If you are looking for a solution to simplify all of your home functions, home automation is the answer.

Often referred to as “smart home technology,” home automation streamlines your home’s technology by localizing all functions and features into a centralized system. While this system cannot be accessed directly, you can instead control your home from our easy-to-use Control Panel or via an app on your favorite Apple or Android device. This easy-to-use, 100% secure app brings you instant access and control right to your fingertips from anywhere in the world! Some of these home functions include, but are not limited to the following

  • Lighting Control: Indoor & Outdoor
  • Central Locking System
  • Integrated Audio & Video
  • Temperature Control
  • Motorized Shades
  • Security Cameras

100% Customizable Home Automation

Our goal here at Atlantic Control Technologies is to provide you with the best home system. In order to meet you and your family’s wants and needs, our home automation systems are 100% customizable. Whether you want control just over certain areas of your home or a full-blown home automation system, we can design the perfect setup to accommodate your needs.

Home Control: Simple and Easy to Use

The best kinds of technology are those that are easy to use and extremely intuitive. The goal of Home Automation is to make controlling your home a simple and effortless experience. This is why it is a must here at Atlantic Control Technologies to provide our customers with a stress-free and easy to control system. So whether you are a tech genius or have never used a computer before, you will be up and controlling your home in no time.

  • Control system easy-to-learn, easy-to-use
  • Extremely intuitive
  • Anyone can learn

Benefits of Home Automation

There are tons of benefits Home Automation can have for both your home and your family. The below are just a few common situations you may have not considered.

Security: Home and Family

  • Locked Doors - Lock or unlock your home’s doors via your smartphone, from anywhere in the world. This is great for letting in maintenance professionals or even your kids when they arrive home from school.
  • Visual Doorbell - The door bell is due for a new facelift, and with a home automation system this is possible. Instantly see who is at your door via your smart device or TV.
  • Safety - Receive alerts when any of your home’s doors or garages have been opened. This is a great feature for families with young children.
  • Vacation - Automate your home when you are gone traveling to mimic activity in the house.

Instant Modes and Settings

  • Morning - Program your blinds to start opening around sun rise, your coffee machine to switch on at 7:00, or even have your lights slowly fade on through the course of an hour. The choice is yours!
  • Entertainment - The guests are due to arrive any minute, but the music isn’t set yet, and the lights are far too bright. Simply press the entertainment mode that you have preset and boom- ambiance at the press of a button.
  • Night Time - Set your doors to lock at 9 pm every night. Set your inside lights to dim around 7 pm and your outside lights to switch on after sunset. Whatever you prefer, you can have it at the touch of a button.
  • Goodnight - You are lying in bed and you just remembered you left the garage light on and the door unlocked. No problem, just push the goodnight button and instantly turn off all the lights in the house and lock all the doors.


Our attitude and approach are different. We pride ourselves in creating systems that make your home a true extension of your personality, moods, and routines. This means we take time at the outset to understand your needs and goals, develop a custom system that is no less and no more than you require, and we are here to support your needs into the future.



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