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Home Theaters: What are they?

It may sound like a silly question to ask: What is a home theater? However, a home theater is much more than just a big screen TV, comfy chairs, some popcorn, and an awesome audio system. A true home theater contains all of this and much more.

A home theater is a dedicated room in your house that is designed to give you the grand experience of a public cinema without having to leave the comfort of your own home or PJs for that matter! In order to provide the best theater experience in your home, there are a few things that are required, and it starts with construction.

From the Ground up

Atlantic Control Technologies’ home theater process starts from the ground up. Our home theaters all have the acoustic, cosmetic, and equipment quality of that found in your local cinema.

A home theater is actually a room within a room, so whether you are adding a home theater into your existing home, or it is in the blue prints of your soon to be home, the first step starts with construction. Below are the 4 basics of building and designing a home theater:

  • Room Isolation

  • Room Acoustics

  • Room Design

  • Equipment Selection

Room Isolation: A Room within a Room

Aside from the massive size of the screen, sound is the second best thing about going to see a movie. Movies have really loud parts, and it isn’t exciting unless you can feel the bass buzz throughout the room. Without proper room isolation however, you could be feeling the bass not only in your home theater, but throughout the whole house as well!

Room isolation, as mentioned above, involves constructing a whole new room within an existing room. This new room consisting of four walls, a ceiling, and a floor is connected to the existing structure with Kinetics Noise Control products that absorb sound and stop noise bleed. With room isolation, even the loudest movies won’t be detected outside of the home theater.

Room Acoustics

Room Acoustics is a key factor in making a home theater truly a theater. Many times people forget about how surrounding room materials can affect overall sound. Many typical American homes consist of drywall and hard floor surfaces such as tile and wood. These hard surfaces are reflective and cause echoes that result in poor sound quality.

On the other hand, absorptive materials such as too much carpet can have an opposite effect and create an experience that sounds quiet and muffled. To achieve the pristine room acoustics found in movie theaters, Atlantic Control Technologies will design your room with a mixture of absorptive and reflective surfaces. These different kinds of materials will work together to help control sound reflections and make your home theater sound as good as it can be.

Room Design

There are so many options when it comes to the cosmetics of a home theater. Do you want it to look like a traditional movie theater? Or would you rather it to appear as an extension of your home with matching décor? Or maybe you want it themed to your favorite movie: Star Trek. No matter what it is, we can fulfill your family’s wants and needs.

Equipment Selection

Atlantic Control Technologies only offers the best and most state of the art audio and video equipment. We are authorized dealers of the below manufactures including:

  • Digital Projection
  • Pro Audio Technologies
  • Audio Control
  • Kinetics Noise Control


Our attitude and approach are different. We pride ourselves in creating systems that make your home a true extension of your personality, moods, and routines. This means we take time at the outset to understand your needs and goals, develop a custom system that is no less and no more than you require, and we are here to support your needs into the future.



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