Lighting Control

What is Lighting Control

Lighting Control

Lighting Control is exactly what it sounds like: a way to control all of the lights in your home on your favorite smart device, in-wall touch panel, or remote. Lighting control is one of those home features you never knew you needed until you have it in your home.

With Atlantic Control’s lighting control system, all of your home’s lighting controls are placed into a centralized area that can be accessed from a variety of different devices including from anywhere in the world via your favorite smart device.

Just imagine this: You walk in your front door at night to lighting that magically matches the time of day, even as sunrise and sunset shift throughout the year. Set your favorite mood for relaxing or entertaining with the push of a button.

Daily Conveniences

How many times have you left the house just to realize 20 minutes later you forgot to shut off the kitchen light? It happens to the best of us, and while it isn’t the end of the world, it is still a lot of electricity and money wasted to light an empty room. Here are a few more daily conveniences you can expect to enjoy with Atlantic’s lighting control systems.

  • Turn lights on / off from anywhere in the world
  • Program your lights to automatically turn on / off
  • Great lighting improves productivity
  • Improve energy consumption
  • Automatically illuminate hallways
  • Instantly set preset lighting modes optimized for entertainment, movies, cooking, and so much more!

What are the Benefits of Lighting Control

Centralized lighting control systems have many benefits. Below are just a few things to look forward to.

  • Convenience – The average person touches light switches 20 times a day! Imagine being able to do this all from a remote control, smart device, or wall pane from anywhere in the world!
  • Security – Unarguably one of the most important parts to any home is the security. Having a centralized lighting system can act as an important addition to your home security system. Sync your lights to the sound of your alarm. Connect your motion sensors to your lights, allowing them to turn on or flash when motion is detected. Lighting control is also great for when you travel. Simply program your home to turn on and off lights throughout the day and night to mimic activity in the home.
  • Customized Programming – It is your lighting control system to program as you choose! With Atlantic Control Technologies’ easy to use systems you can program your lights to do just about anything you want.
  • Eco-Friendly – Reduce your carbon footprint! Lighting control systems make your home’s energy usage more efficient with dimming abilities and instant lighting control.
  • Energy – Having access to your home’s lighting system 24/7 alone could save families a boat load of money on energy costs. Take that into consideration along with dimming abilities and automated programing options and you could have your energy bill down to half of what you pay now.


Our attitude and approach are different. We pride ourselves in creating systems that make your home a true extension of your personality, moods, and routines. This means we take time at the outset to understand your needs and goals, develop a custom system that is no less and no more than you require, and we are here to support your needs into the future.



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